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The Pedigree Cultivator Hoe is a traditional tool, with the addition on a blade that can chop off small weeds and cultivate the soil. The angle of the hoe provides great control which is particularly useful when working between delicate plants. The 6″ Ash handles provides a comfortable grip.

This Pedigree stainless steel cultivator hoe is fitted with an ash handle and is designed with 2 types of head. One side has 3 prongs that are perfect for raking, weeding and breaking up soil in confined spaces, and the other a flat hoe blade that can be used for removing weeds and making small planting furrows. The tool features a lightweight and strong stainless steel head with a durable FSC certified ash handle.

Key Features

Blade to chop small weeds
Cultivator to break up the soil
Designed for great control and angle
Rust-resistant stainless steel head
Easy to keep clean
Lightweight and attractive tool