Premium Monster

List: $2,012.00

SKU: 975-2200


For any workbench bigger is better, so our MONSTER is ideal for a professional woodworker or a hobbyist who has the space.  The Monster at 6′ 3.5”long will cover all who demand a lot of their bench due to it’s solid beech top and dovetail design, making it as strong as anything on the market.

The front vice, of sturdy design, has 2 bench dog holes and measures 20” long by 2.75” wide. The classically made tail vice, at 18” long and 5.5” wide, is equipped with a special spindle used in the highest-quality benches on the market. This type of spindle guarantees absolutely precise and firm guiding of the vice.  There are 3 holes for bench dogs on this vice.

The bench top has 9 bench dog holes along the front and 6 bench hole along the the 4” (??) thick bench apron. The 4” high front part includes 4 bench dog holes which, if the back vice with 2 holes is employed, can be used for vertical clamping of the material. This bench includes a drawer for storage of tools which you want to keep at hand all the time. Additionally there is a tool well along the back part of the bench can be used for laying aside redundant tools and remaining material as well as for quick cleaning of the worktop.


This Ramia work bench was manufacture in Pisek. Pisek is located in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic and has a century’s long tradition of producing high-quality Workbenches for both Professionals and Hobbyists alike. Ramia is a family business, sourcing the best quality woods to make top-notch workbenches for the past decade.

Additional photographs show the bench with the optional storage cupboards which are sold separately.